Courtesy of Geeks Who Drink, we were able to head to one of our favorite breweries in the Boston area, Night Shift!

What better place to hunker down and read a good book than in the park? Plus munching on strawberries, and falling in and out of a nap-state, and sipping on tasty drinks; sign me up.

I got the notificaiton on my phone that Night Shift was having a trivia event starting in the next hour. They currently have one of our favorite beers on tap, El Lechedor and we can't pass up an excuse to sip on one.

We didn't arrive until after the first round, but luckily there was an extra set of stools at the bar. Geeks Who Drink put on a top notch event, with visual questions from a TV and a tough name-that-tune round. For the handful of rounds we stayed before leaving a little early we had a blast. We didn't win (according to the official event's scoreboard we actually got last 😬); next time 👊👊

Thanks to the guy and girl who ran the event and took this picture of team Pudgy Boston!